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 (Bi-) Weekly Contribution thread March 9th, 2008


This theme was another suggestion by our illustrious Prowl. The theme is "Dear Diary..."

What do Transformers write about in their most private journals?

I kicked us off with a look into Blitzwing's mind, such as it is.


Prowl followed up with a juxtaposition of viewpoints.


Tyrrlin shows us how the very paranoid keep permanent records.


Sunstorm gives us a peek at Emo Rodimus...


Nagi-Oki knows what Tracks is all about... Not that he is known for having a particular depth of character.


Soundwave pours on even more EMO with Skyfire.


Prowl strikes again with Wheeljack's log of terror!


...and again with Laserbeak's log of... Cawkery?


Sphinx presents us with a day in the life of Skywarp.


Prowl finally reveals a bit of his own secret thoughts...

Prowl’s journal

Entry 51,587
Participated in a “Risk” game with OP, Perceptor, Jazz, Wheeljack, and Chip. Optimus refused to completely annihilate anyone’s army as usual. Jazz became ‘bored’ and quit to go dance with Blaster or something. Chip and I had a very close final showdown. I won. There have been some complaints made about apparent graffiti on a door. Red Alert believes it is suspicious…will proceed with caution. Knowing Red, though, not tooo much caution.

Entry 51,589
Door located with “Warning Emo Door” painted onto it, what could that mean? Emo? Hmmm. Mirage was sighted in the vicinity, but I somehow doubt he is the culprit…I suppose the graffiti must remain until I can discover who painted it there. Minibot Movie Night was cancelled due to some kind of disturbance. They refuse to give details.

Entry 51,591
Had to put off investigation into “Emo Door” graffiti, as Sunstreaker filed a complaint against Tracks for theft of body polish and indecent proposal. I think this is the first time he has actually filed anything. Sometimes I hate my job. Going for Energon later with Bluestreak and Smokescreen.

Entry 51,592
Sunstreaker has nullified his complaint. Apparently the polish was left in the medbay, by Sunstreaker himself. In a potentially related note, Ratchet is now missing 10 chamois cloths. I will attend to this after I complete the “Emo Door” investigation, as suggested by Optimus. Something about Red Alert’s sanity. Hmmm.

Entry 51,593
The “Emo Door” artwork has expanded to unspeakable proportion and subject matter. It is entirely inappropriate for a base of military operations, in a variety of ways. There have been a string of reports of unpleasant events accompanying viewing of the painted door. Am working extra hard to discover the perpetrator. May go ahead and assign someone to clean it off. Possibly Sideswipe. Or Sunstreaker. Or both.