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 (Bi-) Weekly Contribution thread February 3rd, 2008


Since our forum is full of bitter singles and general misanthropes, I thought it wouild be a great idea to feature a Valentine's theme for this thread. I am pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed with anyone's submissions, and I'm happy to know there are others out there who have that same inherent detestation for love day as I do.

I don't suppose I have to warn you that the submissions will be most slashtastic in nature.

So here they are! I kick-started everyone's heart with this touching submission.

I'd like to thank Soundwave for getting this one out of the way so quickly.

Jacques-Strappe knows that romance is serious business.

Sphinx gives us everyone's favourite red-hot Autobot couple.

Coraxonyx shares a tender moment between Decepticons.