Comics in Disguise

 (Bi-) Weekly Contribution thread January 20th, 2008


I admit, this week's theme was a bit of a cop-out on my part, since by computer decided to DIE before I could draw some crappy thing to use. So instead I dug around on my hard drive to find an amusing screencap we could play with.

This is the cleanest one I could find.

To maximize the dramatic effect, I'm going to post all the images people submitted on one page without any irritating words in between them (beware, loading time). There are certain images I didn't post here due to permission issues, but you can see everything on the forums here:

And now, witness the hilarity and the horror...


Mirage, Hound, and Spike gazed in horror at the apparition which had appeared in the doorway. "Tell me you all are seeing this, too..." Mirage moaned. "I'm trying not to!" gasped Hound, covering his optics. Bumblebee turned his head to look, and promptly splashed a quart of oil onto the floor. "Gah! It's so... pink!" exclaimed Spike.
"Hello," said the apparition in a soft, friendly voice. "My name ith Heartbow. I am here at the request of Optimuth Prime to begin your ballroom danthe inthtructhon."

Anguished cries of "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" echoed in bleak four-part harmony from the walls of the Ark. "Please!!" begged Mirage, "I was forced to take a whole solar cycle of "graceful movement" lessons as a protoform! The memories still disturb my dreams! Don't make me go through that again!!!" Hound removed his hand from one eye, and looked askance at his fellow Autobot.

"Line up here, pleathe," said the miasma of magenta. Bumblebee and Thpike, you will take the female role thith round." "Why is it always me???" whined Bumblebee, as the autobots and the human milled around in a pink-overload-induced mental fog. A growing hum filled their aural sensors, and they grew increasingly dizzy.

Suddenly, loud ringing footfalls clanged hastily through the corridor, and a familiar voice shouted "STOP RIGHT THERE!" Reeling, the bewildered Autobots and Spike looked up as Optimus Prime burst in. "Optimus!" wheezed Hound, his hands braced on his knees in an attempt to remain upright, "Why? What did we do to deserve this??" "Decepticon trap," the Autobot leader replied tersly. "Oh, thank Primus!!! It's only a Decepticon trap!" Hound gasped. Prime pointed at the leering pink seeker. "You. Out. Now." he commanded, jerking a large blue thumb over his shoulder toward the holding cells.

"Oh, why do you have to thpoil my fun?" the pink abomination whined. "I almotht had them!" He turned as if to meekly follow Prime, but suddenly raised his arms and blasted a large hole in the roof. "You Autobotth are no match for my powerth of befuddlement!" he crowed as he winged out and away, leaving a blazing con-trail of pink. "Nextht time, I will thuctheed!"

And there you have it! It is my personal belief that for this thread everyone just browsed their hard drive for the most random stuff they could find, or googled "weird crap" and selected images accordingly. At any rate, it was amusing! Now, let's all try to get that image of Michael Jackson out of our minds...